Industrial Park "The Leader"


Oleonafta Co completed construction of Industrial and logistics complex "Leader", which is located in the Saratov region (South-Eastern part of Russia).
The project was implemented on a plot of land of 25 hectares. The complex’s total area of 100 000 square meters includes main building (70,000 sqm), office building, hotel, garage, parking for heavy vehicles. Availability of water supply, gas, 15 MW of electricity and 30 MW of thermal energy makes it possible to use our complex for organizing of almost any kind of production (except for explosive ones) as well as for the storage and processing of agricultural products. One can now use warehouse / industrial premises from 500 up to 50 000 sq.m. and office space from 50 sqm up to 500 sqm.

Geographical location of the complex is defined by convenient transport access. This factor will ensure ease of logistics from the Black Sea to Moscow and the Urals. We have the ability to accept and handle not only heavy-duty trucks, but also Trains. We have our own train tracks and have their own rolling stock. If necessary, customs terminal facility can be arranged directly at the complex. Distance from logistics complex "Leader" to the border with the Republic of Kazakhstan 300 km, to Moscow 850 kilometers.

The area of, business activity of the complex includes Volga Federal District as well as Central, Southern Federal District, and the West Kazakhstan region. The population of these regions is more than 16 million people. Our project is unique and at least in regions such as Astrakhan, Volgograd, Voronezh, Tambov, Penza, Ulyanovsk and Orenburg you can’t find a project similar to “Leader”. The proximity to the border with Kazakhstan and the possibility of free trade is a big advantage and will provide an additional market.

We are ready to provide partners with preferential terms and lease vacations. If necessary, we can conduct market research the level of demand for imported products to us. We are interested in attracting partners and ready to cooperate with You in this direction.





Industrial fields with linked communications. The total area of the industrial park is 25 hectares. The area of the main building is 67000 square meters. The installed head power is 30 Mwatts, the installed electric power is 15 Mwatts, gas consumption limit is 5 mil. cubic meters per year, a fiber-optic communication line, modern fire extinguishing systems,  smoke removal and ventilation. There is an own railroad terminal in the park (two lines of railroad ways and a dead-end for dealing with cargo).

The industrial park “Leader” is placed in the territory of the municipality of Engels. The object is situated in the Saratov region, in the city of Engels, close to most important regional centers:

  • 800 Kms. to Moscow
  • 400 Kms. to Volgograd
  • 500 Kms. to Voronezh
  • 450 Kms. to Samara
  • 400 kms. to Tambov
  • 250 Kms. to Penza
  • 460 Kms. to Ulianovsk 

The Saratov region is a Russia’s region and is a part of the Volga Federal District. According to the population census, there are 2 521 759 people in the Saratov region. The population of Engels amounts to 202 838 people and there are 285 000 people in the Engels region.

Talking about the industrial sector, power engineering has the biggest share (45.5%), mechanical engineering comes next with 19.1%. The chemical and petrochemical industry occupies 15.6%, the food sector has 9.2%.



PROJECT GOAL:  Production and logistic terminal location




According to the business plan of developing by 2018, around 10 residents and about 1000 people engaged are planned to be attracted. 

Approximately, 70% of the park area will be occupied by production companies, among which at least 20% are SMEs, 50% - foreign companies, 30% - Russian ones.



The development of industry and economy of the region and the country on the whole. Broad branch orientation.

Main activities of the industrial park:

- creation of highly technological production according to European and world examples

- attraction of local and international innovation companies

- manufacturing of high quality products having acceptable prices, using mainly local staff and raw material capacity

- creation and stimulation of growth of new companies and institutes, especially in the sphere of SME

- transformation of the park to an example of scientific and technological development and economic model for other Russia’s regions

The industrial park “Leader: is oriented towards the following fields:

- logistic and trade companies;

- manufacturing;

- companies developing and opening their production in Russia within the program for localization of industrial production.

   Within the allocated fields, the area of the park will be appealing to companies engaged in

- machine manufacturing;

- building material production

- agricultural machinery production

- consumer goods production

- food stuff production

- agricultural production treatment



Promotion of the industrial park “Leader”


The project has been considered by the Investments and Innovations Department of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. The results allow recommending the further promotion of the project due to a high level of readiness of the main objects.



The implementation of the project will facilitate the development of the SME support infrastructure of the Saratov region, the development of cooperation and international liaisons of regional SMEs, the enhancement of the investment appeal of the Saratov region.

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БИК 044525986, ИНН 7702312740, КПП 770501001, ОКПО 54917924, ОГРН 1027739221377
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