Basalt Projets

Construction of CBF facility with  capacity of 5000 tons per year in  the special economic zone  "Titanium Valley" (Sverdlovsk  region) and its processing in  composite products: reinforcing  composite elements, fabrics,  geogrids and etc.

Project essence and location

Project purposes:

  • Construction of continuous basalt fiber (CBF) production facilities with capacity of 5000  tons per year and basalt fiber reinforced polymer production: reinforcing elements,  fabrics, geogrids;
  • Organization of the regional scientific industrial center on the basis of the created


  • Organization of the training center for the enterprises of basalt and composite branch;

For the following reasons we consider to implement the projects in the special economic  zone "Titanium Valley" located in Sverdlovsk region:

  • Nearness of the major consumers of composite production: mechanical engineering  enterprises, defensive and construction industry of Sverdlovsk region and Urals;
  • Nearness to the raw materials sources in Perm and Chelyabinsk region;
  • Presence of developed scientific and engineering schools in the region in the sphere of  material science and production of constructional materials;
  • Specific economic conditions in the SEZ "Titanium Valley", greatly improving economics of

the project;

Project efficiency

  • Creation of an enterprise with  revenue more than 1.5 billion  rubles a year with 40% of net  profit;
  • Increase in employment up to 300  people;
  • Development of regional research,  engineering and production  competence in developing basalt  composite industry;
  • Creating the conditions for  development in the region of mass  composite productions focused on  mechanical engineering, housing  and communal services, power,  construction and other branches.

Spillover effect

Implementation in practice of the replicable business model to create a cluster of  composite productions which can be applied in other, first of all, depressive regions of  Russia and monotowns.

Preservation and strengthening of the Russian technological leadership in the field of  basalt technologies, in particular and in the field of composites, in general.

Replacement of ecologically unsafe industries of constructional materials with  environmentally friendly production of basalt composites. 

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