Gebau Kunststoff

Company Profile: Gebau
Founded in 2007 Gebau produces high-quality plastic sheets for thermoforming in the large assortment with manufacturing areas of 3,5 ha. in the Moscow region. Moreover, this company is working in compliance with international standards and is equipped with extrusion system of KUHNE GMBH (Germany). Gebau has a large distribution chain through sheet and advertising companies in Russia as well as has international partners such as BASF, Clariant, Arkema, LG MMA, Ineos Styrolution and Ivonik Industries that distribute plastic materials for advertising, architectural and industrial design as well as realise polymer and plastic materials and their component parts. Gebau focuses on the requirements of the modern market and uses innovative design and technology, constantly improving quality. Gebau aims at working professionally, quickly and efficiently while applying an individual approach to cooperate effectively at the national and international levels.

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