Prominzhiniring LLC

– the first hi-tech woodworking plant in Moscow Region, resident of Industrial Park «Tsentr» is looking forward to collaboration and offering eco-fiendly bio-fuel: wooden pellets. We also offer various industrial wood, demanded both in Russian Federation and Europe. 


On the 1st March  2016 The President of Russian Federation made a speech on the conference of Chamber of Commerce in Moscow. The main subject of his speech was support of the export of products small and medium-sized businesses.

“There are a lot of small, but effective and competitive factories in the regions, which have strong exporting potential. Their products are exceling their foreign substitutes in prices and quality.” – said President.

Prominzhiniring LLC is the complex wood–processing factory with complete production cycle. The concept of the factory includes the following types of products: timber for various purposes: board, lumber, pallets, building panels and wood pellets High-quality products are made on the modern equipment, which allows using wood raw materials in the most effective way. 

 Pellets are highly compressed wood mass in shape of cylinders in diameter of 6-12 mm, widely used in Europe: in the boilers and fireplaces for heating private houses, communal services; in systems of combined heat and power energy supplement. 

Advantages of pellets:

  • Easy to transport and store 
  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe to use – unlike other types of fuel, pellets are not explosive or auto-ignitive at higher temperatures. 
  • Calorific value of the pellets is 5 kW \ h (4300 kcal \ h) 

Our products - high-quality biofuel!

Pellets, produced by Prominzhiniring LLC are certified in accordance with European Quality Standard EN Plus А1, obtained the Certificate of compliance, no. RU 016.

According to the results of analysis of the current market in terms of opportunities of exporting wood pellets, it is evident that there is a large number of traders and brokers. As a result the ending price of supplement goes lower that breakeven limit and may impact the quality of products. 

Prominzhiniring LLC is aiming to make direct sales of fuel pellets to any part of Europe. 

The products are certified and comply with international quality standards.

Yours faithfully, 

CEO of Prominzhiniring LLC   Sergey Khaustov


Offered products and terms: 

  • High-quality wood pelets, certified in accordance with international quality standard                      EN Plus, A
  • Volume of supplement: up to 2,000 tons per month
  • Varioous packaging options: 15 kg or big-bag (1 ton).
  • Payment type: bank transfer 
  • Standard delivery option: EXW (INCOTERMS)
  • Delivery options DAP, FAS, FOB may be considered upon request
  • All required documentation is provided  

Contact details:

Telephone: +7 916 338 40 42

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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