Investment Projects 02

Investment Projects 02

Obukhovskaya Industrual Co

OBUKHOVSKAYA INDUSTRIAL COMPANY Ltd designs, produces and markets crushing plants designed to recycle large-size reinforced concrete pieces and different construction wastes into usable gravel and sand.  Huge amounts of waste in reinforced concrete are annually left in Russia (6 million tons) and in the world (650 million tons). Moreover, the waste disposals accumulate raw materials in such a number which recycling would have produced over 1.5 million tons of usable metal and 40 million tons of usable rubble. 

Waste is formed from:

- Defective concrete and concrete structures;

- Concrete structures out of standards, damaged during transportation or construction works;  

- Electric power pylons and those unfit for reuse from reconstruction of Railways

 - Road and paving slabs out-of-service, tanks, curbs, lighting poles;

 -  Concrete structures unfit for reuse, generated from old houses demolished.

No more than 5% of the whole concrete waste volume is processed in Russia annually, while all the rest is dumped at special polygons. There are many companies, which production cycle generates concrete structures waste (pre-cast plants, construction & demolition companies, companies, affiliated with JSC "RZD" (Russian Railroads), etc.) As a result, all of these have to cover waste transportation costs to dump waste and to bill the fiscal environmental fee for having damaged the ecology.

Our recycling method of concrete structures waste reduces production costs, frees up area of landfills currently used and thereby improves the ecology.

● MPR-1500 CRUSHER designed for large-sized concrete  structures 

Unique and beyond compare is a MPR-1500 CRUSHER machine,  designed at OBUKHOVSKAYA INDUSTRIAL COMPANY Ltdfor large-sized concrete  structures. Without any pre- operation, MPR-1500 CRUSHER machine processes slabs, dimensioned 12000х1500х600 mm. 


 Concrete plates or any other construction wastes are pushed on the table to be pressed. Once concrete slab crushed, the rebar is moved to the output. The stones crushed go through the output trays toward the conveyer and are shipped for further processing. 

 ●Concret scrap recycling plant

OBUKHOVSKAYA INDUSTRIAL COMPANY Ltdhasauthored,designed and manufactured concrete scrap recycling plants. The plant’s technological chain is made of a MPR-1500crusher, crushing and sorting aggregates and of a system of conveyors. It is designed to process non-standard reinforced concrete.  

The MPR-1500 is used for an initial concrete products demolition. On this stage the metal fixtures are separated from concrete. Then the concrete crushed in pieces are forwarded by conveyer onto the crusher to be recrushed. After that the small pieces are screened into gravel and sand. The plant’s performance generally depends on processed composition and technological configuration of the plant and reaches up to 50m3/h. 


The company's engineers are working out the technology scheme of equipment chain configuration with reference to your place. 


Scrap recycling plants are highly reliable and have significant operation resource. Plants configuration is modular. This configuration method means faster commissioning. The equipment is made of most reliable and technologically advanced components and best grades of steel. A single shield of plant’s start-up is remotely controlled. Each aggregate in technological chain is fully automated.

All equipment is certified.

Secondary gravel and sand sorted from demolished concrete structures is cheaper than natural. Industrial waste processing and use business contributes hugely to conserve resources and preserve ecology.Detailed information on equipment manufactured by us and supplied products can be found on the website .  

Nizhniy Novgorod 

Tel(Fax): +7 831 295 50 61

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is a world-known Russian exhibition company, which has always retained its status of a leading organizer of largest international exhibitions in Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe, and of Russia’s national expositions at EXPO exhibitions.

In 2014 the company celebrated its 55th anniversary.

Expocentre was the first Russian company to join UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry in 1975. In 2005 we played host to the 72nd Annual Congress of UFI, the main international association of exhibition organizers.

Expocentre is a founding member of RUEF, the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (since 1991), and a member of the Guild of Exhibition and Fair Organizations of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Expocentre carries out organizational and methodical activities to encourage the development of exhibition activity in regional Russia. 

Due to the development of convention activity Expocentre joined AIPC – the International Association of Congress Centres in 2005, and in 2006 became a member of ICCA – the International Congress and Convention Association.

Expocentre provides the highest level of services to participants and visitors to its exhibitions and conventions. It allowed the company to become a member of IFES – the International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services. (IFES, 2011).

Expocentre is the first Eastern European company to become a member of EMECA, the European Major Exhibition Centres Association (2012).

General Director of Expocentre ZAO Sergey Bednov serves as a member of the boards of UFI – the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, and RUEF – the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs.

In 2014 Expocentre ZAO has become a member of IAEE – the International Association of Exhibitions and Events.


Today Expocentre Fairgrounds comprises nine fully equipped exhibition pavilions with the most modern infrastructure and facilities, multifunctional halls for conventions, press conferences, meetings, seminars and symposia. 

The total exhibition space at Expocentre Fairgrounds in 165,000 sqm comprising 105,000 sqm of indoor space and 60,000 sqm of outdoor space.

Annually, Expocentre Fairgrounds hosts over 100 international exhibitions attended by over two million professional visitors, and accommodates over 800 conventions, symposia and conferences.


For its successful performance Expocentre has received a lot of awards that serve as recognition for the company’s achievements in the creation of this country’s positive image, for the revival of the best traditions of the national entrepreneurship, and the creation of conditions for a constructive dialogue between the state and business. 

Over the recent years Expocentre has been awarded honorary certificates and has become a laureate of various awards that include Golden Mercury National Prize (2005, 2011), Superbrand International Award (2006), Leader of Economic Development of Russia International Prize (2006), Golden Certificate of Quality (2006), Leader of Economic Development of Russia International Prize in the Best Tax Payer of Russia Nomination (2006) and in the Contribution to Doubling of GDP Nomination (2007), National Economy Elite International Award (2008). The European Quality Award (2008) and the International Socrates Award in the Economics and Business Nomination (2008) were presented in the Office of the Lord Mayor of Oxford and Windsor Castle. 

In 2010 Expocentre received two more prestigious awards. 

Under the assistance programme of developing world economy, the International Assembly for Economic, Scientific and Cultural Cooperation – Global World presented Russia and Expocentre representing it with the Global World Economic Award. Its symbols – the Global World Economic Award Official Diploma and the Economic Development Achievements Special Prize – were handed out to Expocentre in Vienna, Austria. 

At the Summit organized by the European Business Assembly (ЕВА) in Oxford, Great Britain Expocentre was presented with the Best Enterprise of Europe Award. 

Under the decree No.765 issued by the Government of the Russian Federation on September 28, 2009 Expocentre was given the Quality Award of the Government of the Russian Federation for great achievements in providing quality services and introduction of quality management.

Expocentre regards it not only as a big award but also as an impetus for further development and improvement of quality of our events and services.

Press here for more information about the Expocentre Exhibitions!

Expocentre's Address:

14, Krasnopresnenskaya nab., Moscow, Russia, 123100
Tel.: +7 (499) 795-37-99, 8 (800)707-37-99 (toll-free in Russia)Call centre
Fax: + 7 (495) 605-60-75
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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